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Michigan Photography services are available to anyone and everyone in the surrounding community; faculty, staff, students, their family, and the general public. We are happy to call you “client.”

Our services are by appointment only.  To request our services complete the form below.

Appointment requests may take up to one business day to confirm. If you are requesting an appointment after 5pm or on the weekend, we may not be able to confirm your appointment till the following business day.

Please see the price list for current photography rates and applicable fees.

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The Athletics Request form is for use by U-M Athletics Staff.

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ID, Passport, Immigration, Visa Sessions are in office only, during our office hours, Monday-Friday, 9:30am to 4:30pm. Appointments are scheduled for 15 minute slots, but should only take 5 to 7 minutes. Prints are ready before you leave, and digital files are emailed within 10 minutes.

Signup for an appointment using our ID, Passport, Immigration, Visa scheduling form.

For consultation use Google Calendar to invite us ( to a meeting.
For multimedia video needs contact Michigan Media.

All commissioned photography, is licensed as Shared Copyright. Only the office, department or group associated with the purchasing shortcode or payment type has permission to display and distribute images for departmental use. Use of the digital images cannot be transferred to a third party for profit. Third party interest should be directed to contact Michigan Photography.

Michigan Photography retains the right to distribute all of our photographs. Images shot while on assignment, may be added to our image archive or social media channels and made available to all gallery visitors, including the university community and to external clientele.

Please note, if this assignment is in a research facility all subjects in the photos are expected to be using all of the personal safety equipment expected to be used in this area.