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The office will be closed to walk-in appointments for the holiday week from Nov 23 through Nov 28.

The Michigan Photography office has resumed studio operations as of September 1st.  We are accepting customers in the studio by appointment only.

ID-Passport-Immigration Sessions are in Studio only, during our office hours. Monday-Friday, 9am to 4:30pm. Appointments are scheduled for 15 minute slots, but should only take 5 to 7 minutes.  Prints are ready before you leave, and digital files are emailed within 10 minutes.

LSA Building is currently locked for the time being.  To enter, you must have a valid (current staff, faculty, student) MCard.

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Assignment Information

If building is not listed place location in Assignment Details / Special Instructions

Client/Billing Information

Please see Services / Pricing for additional fees that may apply.
One rate may be more cost effective over the other depending on your expected final need of images. Do you need just one image following a Portrait? Or a full set to put together a multi-formatted presentation?

Processing Turnaround Needs


All commissioned photography, is licensed as Shared Copyright. Only the office, department or group associated with the purchasing shortcode or payment type has permission to display and distribute images for departmental use. Use of the digital images cannot be transferred to a third party for profit. Third party interest should be directed to contact Michigan Photography.

Michigan Photography retains the right to distribute all of our photographs. Images shot while on assignment, may be added to our image archive and made available to all gallery visitors, including the university community and to external clientele.

Please note, if this assignment is in a research facility all subjects in the photos are expected to be using all of the personal safety equipment expected to be used in this area.