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Michigan Photography has completed migrating 630,000 images into the UM Digital Archive Collaborative.

We appreciate your patiences as we tackled this very large move.  It took longer than anticipated due to many many challenges.  Campus images and Athletic images are now available to browse all in one archive.  Digital files can be downloaded immediately and prints can be ordered at the same time.

Using keywords, categories, to search and filter, images are available to download immediately and order prints at the same time.  As always, if you need assistance with a specific request please email, and our archivist will be happy to help.

Michigan Photography Image Archive

The archive features:

  • Predefined Categories — Navigating to your subject of interest is just a click away. No complicated searching necessary.
  • Simple-search and advanced-search boxes can be used to fine-tune your search by keyword, category and image caption information.
  • Online ordering
  • Images can be ordered, checked out, and downloaded immediately.
  • Most recently added images are displayed first, allowing you to quickly see “what’s new.”

Copyright Guidelines

Michigan Photography images are protected by copyright and may not be duplicated, reproduced or used without the permission of Michigan Photography.

There is a fee associated with use of Michigan Photography images. Please refer to user fee costs if you would like to purchase the rights to any of our images.

In purchasing stock photography from Michigan Photography, you are purchasing the rights to use this image for an agreed-upon purpose. No ownership interest or copyright in any image shall pass to you by the download of an image or by the granting of the license to reproduce an image. No permission is granted or implied to use the images for any other purpose than that stated in the license.

You may not:

  1. Transfer, re-sell, distribute or sub-license the rights to the image(s).
  2. Reverse-engineer, decompile or disassemble any part of the image(s).
  3. Use the image(s) in any way that could be considered defamatory, libelous, pornographic, obscene, immoral or fraudulent, or in negative ads.

All images on this site are copyrighted by virtue of creation. A copyright is the exclusive right granted to “authors” under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 to copy, adapt, distribute, publicly perform and publicly display their works of authorship, such as literary works, databases, musical works, sound recordings, photographs, other still images and motion picture and other audiovisual works.

Digital Release Rate Copyright Guidelines

In purchasing Photography or digital images, the department associated with the purchasing shortcode has permission to display and distribute images for departmental use only. If someone outside your department wishes to use these images, please direct them to Michigan Photography to arrange payment.

Looking for Prints

Prints can be ordered through the main Archive, right along side digital images.

Free Images for the Media


Images for Campus Communicators

In order to support campus marketing and communications professionals in creating compelling and strategic print and digital materials, OVPGC will provide free access to photographic collections that feature the University of Michigan.

These Images reflect U-M’s brand pillars and focus areas, including: Academic Excellence, Arts and Culture, Diversity, Public Ethos, Global Engagement, Sustainability, History & Tradition, Innovation, Research and Student Life. Also available are images that represent regional assets, including the cities of Ann Arbor and Detroit.

Every quarter a new collection of 180+ photographs will be available for download from the Michigan Photography website.