Group Photos

Group photos are a great way to represent your group, club, department and organization. Whether it is for your website or a souvenir, we can provide a great photo of all your participants and members.

Preplanning is as much a part of great photography as capturing the moment. Especially when you have many different elements that need to come together to create that perfect image. Several things to keep in mind are how many people will be in the picture and finding the best location for them to pose. Once gathered, everyone will need to be arranged so they can be seen, stand tall and be still for several minutes. There should also be plenty of space so the photographer has enough room to capture the image you have in mind.

Photography Rate

Digital Release $200/group
Additional Group $35/each


Setup time (if required) $50/hr
After-hours +$50/hr
Weekends +$75/hr
Travel time (off campus) $50 + mileage

Image Processing

Caption setup $20
Retouching $90/hr
Image Work $90/hr


See Photo Print pricing for costs per print.

SMTD announces global M-Prize music competition. Photo at Hill Auditorium by Eric Bronson
HRD catalog cover. Photo in front of UMMA by Austin Thomason
U-M opens Mcity test environment for connected and driverless vehicles. Photo at Mcity by Austin Thomason