Passport Photos

Please note: 

The Michigan Photography office has resumed studio operations as of September 1st.  We are accepting customers by appointment only.

LSA Building is currently locked for the time being.  To enter, you must have a valid (current staff, faculty, student) MCard.


Need identification photos for travel, visa, immigration or testing documents? We can help. A variety of sizes and formats are available. Digital images can be purchased in addition to sets of prints.

ID-Passport-Immigration Sessions are in Studio only. Appointments are scheduled in 15 minute slots, but should only take 5 to 7 minutes.  Prints are ready to take with you, and digital files are emailed within 10 minutes.


Be sure to wear a dark or vibrant colored shirt.  White or pale colors disappear against the white backdrop.

Our passport photo service is available by appointment only during regular business hours and prints are available while you wait.

We accept all credit cards and can process contactless payment, with chip, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Android Pay.  We do not accept cash.

Passport Photo Rates

Set of 2 $10
Set of 4 $16
Additional set of 4 $12
Set of 2 + digital file $22
Digital file only $15
E-mailed following end of business day

Debit or Credit Cards only for payment. We cannot accept cash.